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SpellCrafter is a single player RPG, slightly similar to Diablo II
Explore dungeons, kill monsters, gain experience and level up, choose your attributes, buy and find items, create spells...

- 93 plays and counting!

If you wish to chat about the game, please visit the forum!

Left mouse button: Move
Right mouse button: Cast spell
1-9: Change spell
WSAD: Dodge
Spacebar: Drink health potion
Shift: Drink mana potion
Control: Melee attack
C: Character Menu
I: Inventory
M: Spells
B: Shop

Spells can be made at any time.
Each spell is made of effects(such as "ball","nova","spark").
Each effect must have atleast 1 element(such as "fire", "earth", "lightning")
Each spell must have atleast 1 effect
Spells cost mana to use, the more effects and elements they have, the more they cost, and the more damage they do.
The more mana a spell costs, the longer it takes to cast the spell again

Some spells to try out are:
[spray fire] [spray air] [spark lightning] [mine water]
[spark water] [spark air] [ball lightning] [nova poison]
Find the best combination and post it as a comment below!

AL - awesome tester + ideas
OATH - testing
Daniel - testing
Dan - testing, ideas
Tim B- ideas, testing, enemy art
Syna-Max - Boss die sound
Current Version: 1.05
~98% complete
TODO: needs lots of balancing, fixing lag on large spells(ideas?), and possibly sound.

Known bugs:
Game sometimes crashes when using "X" to exit menus. Unknown cause, until I fix it please use the hotkeys

Version 1.05
-New melee attack (press control at close range)
-Player no longer "bounces" off walls
-Game less dark
Version 1.04
-Different elements now do different things
-Effect descriptions added
-Menu image added
-More balancing...
Version 1.03
-Max gold: 999999999999999. Cannot have negative gold
-Text smaller in level select on levels larger than 150
-Game no longer stalls when loading high levels
-Cannot use mana/health potions if already at max mana/health
-Can now make spells that cost more than your mana, but less than your mana + mana you get from your items
-Fixed spell scrollbar when changing from a large to small spell
Version 1.02
-Can now buy/sell potions, items no longer go through walls :), spell cost rebalancing and attribute rebalancing
Version 1.01
-Fixed WSAD & mouse moving at the same time, can no longer walk at double speed.
-No longer can walk through walls
-Always die when health is 0

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